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PC Pandora Review

First of all, what is PC Pandora?PC Pandora is a surveillance monitoring software that invisibly records all websites visited,all keystrokes typed,and all incoming and outgoing emails.With PC Pandora's parental features, parents have the ability to block inappropriate websites that they don't want their children to visit and can monitor absolutely every single little thing that their children do when using the computer. PC Pandora even blocks certain programs that  you don't want your children to use. When they open a program that you've added to the block list, an error message will appear which will not let them open that certain application/program.

What are the Pros of this Product ?
Your kids will never now that you are monitoring their online activity because neither the installation nor the program leave any trace.PC Pandora is absolutely 100% discrete. The software emails you periodically a report of all the  activity going on but without leaving any trace to avoid being detected by a firewall.You can also block access to chat rooms and IM applications such as msn, yahoo,jabber,myspace IM and others.
If you were to allow these kinds of chatting programs and wanted to know what your kids talk about,the program automatically takes screenshots and the IM conversation is saved as keystrokes by the keylogger module.

What are the Cons of this Product
I would say that the cons of this product are that the program doesn't control the time spent online and the program access control can be bypassed easily.

In My Opinion
So probably if you were looking for a product to control the way your kids use the computer,  this may not be the best choice but if you want to monitor every single little thing they do on it, this is definitely the product you were looking for.

Additional Details:
Os Compatibility: Windows Vista & XP
Tech Support:Live Chat

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